Our Version and Vision of e-Social Science

   E-Social Science is to use networked information technologies to collect, process, and present social science research data.

  Like sciences, the essence of social sciences is to process (human) information. Unlike sciences that have immediately benefited from the latest information technology, most of social science research has remained labor intensive in data collection and processing. We argue that digitalization and networking technologies have made it both necessary and feasible for social sciences to ride on the bullet train of IT. There are of course technical, economic, legal, ethical, and other issues including sampling, data sharing, privacy and confidentiality. However, these issues could be solved by sensible and user-friendly interface tools built jointly between IT people and social scientists. By helping social sciences to ride on IT's bullet train, it in fact provides enormous opportunities for IT's own growth.

    For a whole declaration of our vision of e-Social Science, please refer to Let Social Sciences Ride on IT Bullet Train